August 16

Blogging help and guidelines

Blogging Help and Guidelines

Like more help?

We can walk you through step-by-step in our guide to getting started with your blog.


  • You will answer each individual prompt as an individual post.
  • Put the date assigned and the question topic in the title.
  • You will receive your prompts on Monday. They are due by Sunday evening.
  • You may read and comments on other students blog pages.
  • All comments should be positive in nature.
  • You may offer advice on classmates posts. For example, if you see a spelling mistake that they could correct before I grade them on Sunday let them know.
  • You may not harass or bully or insult classmates on the blog pages. If this occurs you will immediately be referred to the office.
  • CP LENGTH REQUIREMENTS: 100 to 150 words minimum per prompt response.
  • GENERAL LENGTH REQUIREMENTS: 75-100 words minimum per prompt response.
  • Each individual prompt is a 10 point homework grade.
  • You have an entire week to get this done. I will not give credit to prompts entered after the Sunday due date!!!!




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